Become a Seller

Become a Seller

Grab the Best Opportunity

If you have decided to become a successful businessman, we will give you the platform to write your own story.

Become a Proud Seller of E-Store BD

E-Store BD r commits to create a precise bonding between sellers and buyers. We create opportunities for those who are looking for a platform to sell their goods and services. We ensure the best for our sellers to be one of the top marketplaces in Bangladesh.
We not only focus to please customers. We also ensure the profit of sellers in each section of our business. The necessary importance, guideline, and support from our team help a person or group to earn recognition among consumers by providing quality goods.

E-Store BD keeps the least and acceptable margin of error in the business. The company grants compensations and other essential helps to sellers or suppliers for their losses due to unavoidable circumstances. This site has seller-friendly terms and criteria that no other e-commerce site has ever done in Bangladesh.

4 Easy Steps to Become a Seller at E-Store BD

Selling online is easy here

1. Do the registration and start listing

  • Simply clear all formalities to register yourself as a seller of E-Store BD

  • You get to have guidelines from our trainers for a good start.

  • Then, do the listing of the products that you are going to sell online.

2. Get orders for your goods through our site and sell

  • We instantly notify for your fast action when a buyer confirms any of your product's purchase with purchase details. 

  • You have to do the packaging and wait for the response from our delivery team for further works.

3. Receive payments via local banking system

  • After sell confirmation, we send you your payment through bKash, Rocket, and other local online banking systems.

  • We cut our commission before sending payments. And we also give you a clear and short statement of every successful deal.

4. Observe progresses in Seller Dashboard

  • In your dashboard, you can see your business's progress and messages or notifications we send you.

  • You can also manage your business by adding new items, removing old items, or customizing any details or images of a current item.

Why Sell Online

Engagement with Consumers Across Bangladesh

  • E-commerce sites allow selling various types of products in one place.

  • A customer from any place in the country can reach you.

  • The personal Dashboard helps in maintaining customers and sells in a disciplined way.

Easy Shipping

  • Online marketplaces don't charge suppliers for product delivery.

  • A seller can deliver goods in a remote location with the help from an online platform.

  • The delivery process always keeps up the deadline.

Healthy Profit from a Small Investment

  • Manufacturers can have payment assurance after product delivery.

  • Online shops also ensure product safety in the delivery process.

  • Online selling decreases labor costs. 

How to Register

Create a Free Account With Original Details

On the registration page, click on the Vendor option and give the required details of you and your business for verification.

Upload Your Unique Goods and Services

You need to enlist at least one product in the right category for completing the Seller account.

Send Your GSTIN with Bank Account Details

Before start selling, you have to share your GSTIN, and a soft copy of your bank accounts valid document as proof, such as a canceled cheque. The personal details in your bank account should match with the details you have submitted to use. Otherwise, we can block your seller account.

Our Support

Free Registration

The registration for becoming a seller is free of charge. Our company charges a seller only from the earnings from this site.

Low Commission rate

We only take commissions from successful sales. We don't charge for anything else from our sellers. 

(Now, you will add the commission meter that is on the website showing 0 listing fee and 5% commission. Remember, only the meter, not any other words)

Basic Training and Updates

At the very beginning, our company lets new sellers have a short course on online selling by giving lectures, videos, and articles. We also let sellers know about any type of update that is coming in the near future.

Vital Product Marketing

Our marketing team makes product details perfectly aligned. The team also does vast editing on product images to feature clarity to consumers. Social media marketing also helps real customers to reach our sellers and their goods.

Easy and Scheduled Payments without Charging

Our payment method is pretty easy and transparent. We have a fixed schedule of paying our sellers. A seller can know how much of his payment is due in the dashboard and claim it after a fixed period.

Fast Business Growth

With minimalistic and reasonable conditions, we let our suppliers sell their products freely. They can grow their business and get recognition through our site in a short time.

Support from Admin Panel

A seller gets to have support from our admin panel in every sector. Our sellers can communicate with us in any type of help regarding their businesses.

You Are Welcome

An individual or company doesn't need to be popular or demanding to be a part of our seller community. We appreciate any person who is willing to work with us for having a strong and stable business foundation.
For more queries, you can contact our expert panel.