Extra-Wide Heavy Duty Mobility Medical Walking Walker

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  • Height adjustable legs with 2 rubber ferrule tips for comfort and security
  • Two front wheels to make it easier to move when being used
  • Comfortable handles to grip when using the frame
  • Height adjustable
  • Weight capacity 300 lbs
  • Handle height adjusts from 32″ to 39″
  • 5″ front fixed wheels
  • Folds flat for easy storage and transportation
  • Available with fixed or swivel front wheels
  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Product Description

    Extra-Wide Heavy Duty Mobility Medical Walking Walker:

    Extra-Wide Heavy Duty Mobility Walker Medical Rollator Walker Mobility Aid With Wheels for Seniors

    Who Should Use a Front Wheel Walker?

    Elderly who need to place some weight onto the walker (but not all). It is also light weight, easy to transport and slides across the floor. Some people who have rollator walkers for elderly also have front wheel walkers to take with them when they travel as they are foldable, lightweight and can more easily fit in the trunk of a car.

    How to Use a Front Wheel Walker

    1. Adjust to proper height – See below for how to fit walker.
    2. Get in position – Place both hands on the handles.
    3. Stand upright – This will likely place the users toes/midfoot in line with the rear legs.
    4. Advance walker – Push the walker in front of you so that you are walking within the walker.
    5. Walk into the walker – If the senior has a sore leg/foot or a leg that the doctor does not want them to put full weight through, then advance this leg first followed quickly by the other.
    6. Small steps – Take small steps especially while turning around – for example to get into a chair.
    7. No lifting needed – The advantage of these types of walkers for elderly over standard walkers is that the senior does not need to pick it up to walk.


    Recommended Features

    • Large fixed – Larger wheels roll better over uneven ground. Some front wheel walkers for elderly have swivelling wheels (like a shopping cart) but they are not as stable as the fixed wheels.
    • Lightweight – Light enough so the user can easily manoeuvre it as well as pick it up to place in car trunk, etc. That being said, if the user is a rather large individual, they will need to make sure it is strong enough to carry their weight.
    • Sturdy – Make sure the walker legs are sturdy and even. Some poorly made walkers have legs that are not exactly even so that it rocks. This makes it difficult to use and is a safety risk.
    • Foldable – Make sure it can fold in half so that it is easy to take in the trunk of a car, etc.


    • Color: silver
    • Width:41cm
    • Length:53cm
    • Height:76cm- 99cm
    • Weight Capacity: 350lbs
    • Material: Aluminum

    Package Included

    • 1 X Walker Mobility Aid
    • Color: silver
    • Width:41cm
    • Length:53cm
    • Height:76cm- 99cm
    • Weight Capacity: 350lbs

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