EM 25-Glute Tonic Device For Hip

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  • We get it – it’s far easier to say than done to try to sculpt and strengthen your bottom.
  • Sometimes you get to a point where you feel like nothing is changing, and especially when you try to shave off those difficult areas a few inches, it may seem impossible.
  • The Beurer EM25 is an electrical muscle stimulator that is used as a toner from the bottom.
  • Ladies – we’ve been there and we’ve done that; it can be strenuous to try to shift those “holiday” inches you’ve earned, especially when those inches are (seems) actually placed on your buttocks.
  • Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) is a recognized method of rehabilitation and sports medicine.
  • It works by supplying electrical currents across the skin; these currents are used as a reinforcement tool or rehabilitation tool.
  • Even though the Beurer EM25 bottom toner can help you get the buns you’ve always wanted; it’s much more important to have the perfect heinie than its appearance.
  • This doesn’t mean we’re saying it’s not attractive to have steel buns, but the gluteal muscles are one of your body’s strongest and largest muscle group.
  • Brand  Beurer
  • Model  EM-25
  • Origin  Germany
  • Product Description

    EM 25-Glute Tonic Device For Hip

    Tonic Device For Hip


    • Replacement pads for your Beurer EM25 bum toner
    • Four high quality gel pads for using with your bottom toner
    • Self-adhesive and gentle on the skin
    • Ensure that you get the best results possible from your EM25
    • Replace your gel pads every few weeks for the best conduct
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