Beurer HK 35 heat pad

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  • Fast heating
  • 3 temperature settings
  • Beurer safety system (BSS)
  • Automatic switch-off after approx. 90 min.
  • Accurate electronic temperature regulation
  • Illuminated temperature settings
  • Removable switch
  • Hygienic plastic protective cover
  • Cotton cover
  • Cover: machine-washable at 40°C
  • Product Description

    Beurer HK 35 heat pad

    The heat pad has a fast heating function, meaning that you can quickly get nice and warm, even on cold days.



    Product Description

    Beurer HK35 ergonomic heat pad – a pleasant feeling of restorative warmth.

    No matter whether to keep you warm or to help ease muscles tension or aches – the HK35 will provide comfort and relaxation. With an electric heat pad, you can avoid the dangers of using boiling water needed to fill a hot water bottle, and simply enjoy consistent and controllable warmth.

    Key features of the Beurer HK35 at a glance:

    – Soft cotton cover
    – Breathable
    – Rapid warm-up function
    – 3 temperature settings for long-lasting controllable warmth
    – Accurate electronic temperature regulation for consistent warmth
    – Illuminated temperature settings
    – Beurer safety system (BSS)
    – Automatic switch-off after approx. 90 min.
    – Removable control
    – Machine-washable at 30°C
    – Oeko-Tex 100

    Beurer heat pads, for all requirements:
    Whether it’s soothing heat for relaxation, special heat pads for the back or neck, battery-powered heat pads for maximum flexibility of movement, or heat pads with magnetic therapy application – Beurer has the perfect product for your needs.


    The product should not be folded during operation, else for security reasons, an irreversible shutdown of the heating pad by the security system is done. See pack for full usage instructions. Please read the instruction booklet supplied.

    Safety Warning

    This heat pad is not intended for use in hospitals or by persons (including children) with restricted physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or by persons lacking the required understanding of the equipment and how it is used, unless they are supervised by a person who is responsible for their safety.

    This heating pad should not be used with persons who are helpless, small children or persons insensitive to heat (e.g. diabetics, persons with skin changes related to illness or persons with scarred skin in the area where the pad is to be applied, after taking pain-relieving medication or alcohol.

    Excessively long use can cause the skin to be burned.

    Box Contains

    • 1 x Beurer HK35 Electronic Heat Pad
    • 1 x Instruction manual
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