Sonoff Temperature & Humidity Sensor (AM2301 TH)

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If you want to monitor and control your home devices remotely with Sonoff TH16 Smart Switch, then you can do even better with this Temperature and Humidity Sensor. This sensor will allow you to monitor the room Temperature and Humidity live. You can control different appliances and set certain conditions related to Temperature and Humidity.

Specifications of Sonoff Sensor AM2301:

Temperature: -40℃~+80℃

Humidity Measuring Range: 0~99.9%RH

Accuracy: in 25℃

Temperature: ±0.5%RH

Humidity: ±3%RH(10...90%RH)

Power supply: 3.3-5.2V DC(5V recommended)

Sensor Type

Temperature: resistive sensor

Humidity: a capacitive sensor

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