DIGIPOD TR462 Aluminum Lightweight Camera Tripod

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The product stands firmly in general, so it is not something to be broken. The material is not bad, it is rocking, jingling, there are no pieces. Especially when I tethered the camera and tested it with the windshield in the longest condition, it was not a problem, though it would be destroyed. Having a water balance is a plus and a feature I think it should be. The mobility of the head is also nice.

The quality of the material is not bad either. Aluminum scaffolding makes it both light and relatively strong. The plastics are not too bad, it is not so thick as the plum plastic. The movement of the ball head part is very soft and vibration-free, without gaps. The wheel lock on the elevator is fine. According to the price I can really recommend you as much more advantageous equipment against the counterparts on the market.

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